About John Christ

John Knoll, A.K.A. John Christ, is a professional musician, performer and guitar instructor. Mr. Knoll performed on more than six critically acclaimed rock and roll albums when he was the lead guitarist for the rock group, Danzig. Danzig’s hit song, Mother, was an international Billboard top 200 hit in 1993. Danzig also toured with Metallica, Black Sabbath, and Slayer through the U.S. Mr. Knoll also toured with Danzig through Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, parts of Asia, and South America.

After leaving Danzig, Mr. Knoll released his own solo CD, Flesh Caffeine in 1998. He also worked as a session musician for movie soundtracks and composed music for movie and television trailers. He performed for TV stations such as ABC and Nine Network Australia. These performances included working with artists including Tom Jones and Lou Rawls. During this time, Mr. Knoll also taught blues, rock, and provided training in performance, and improvisation.

Currently, John is teaching guitar privately and at Carroll Community College. John has an A.A. in music and is working to complete a B.S. in music when he is not performing in local venues.

 John Christ's CD Flesh Caffeine is available on iTunes

John Christ's CD Flesh Caffeine is available on iTunes

MTV Closeup of John playing lead starts at min 2:15

John Christ at home just warming up.

Half Serious w/John Christ at Stables Westminster. Nov. 21, 2014

John Christ (John Knoll) CV

EDUCATION                 Bachelor of Arts in Music, expected completion date                 May 2018

                                                McDaniel College

                                                Westminster, MD


Associate in Fine Arts in Music                                                 May 2016

Carroll County Community College                              

Westminster, MD


Jazz composition major                                                 Sept 1985 - Feb 1987

                                                Towson University, Towson, MD

Cumulative G.P.A.  3.52 / 4.0


Catonsville Community College                                                     Sept 1982 - Sept 1985

Catonsville, MD                                                                                                        


Johns Hopkins Peabody Preparatory Institute                                 May 1978 - May 1979

Baltimore, MD


INSTRUMENTS                Guitar, piano, percussion, violin

STUDIED                            French horn, mandolin, voice, xylophone


Master Class/                    Tommy Emmanuel instructor. Indian Head, NY                         July 2014

Guitar Workshop:         Tommy Emmanuel instructor. Richmond, VA                           July 2012




Faculty in Music department                                                                                   Feb 2017 - present

·         Rock ensemble and applied lessons, electric guitar

·         Johns Hopkins Peabody Preparatory Institute, Towson, MD

·         http://www.peabody.jhu.edu/preparatory/faculty/knoll.html


Adjunct Faculty in Music department                                                                 Feb 2014 - present

·        Applied lessons, bass guitar, guitar, and guitar ensemble

·        Carroll County Community College, Westminster, MD


Guitar Lessons and Workshops

·        Coffey Music, Westminster, MD                                                                                   Feb 2015 - present


Lead Guitarist and vocalist                                                                                       2012 to present

·        Rock n’ Roll bands: “Half Serious” and “Think Tank” guest performances.

Solo Guitarist and vocalist/ other                                                                                   

·        Founder / Vice-President “Hollywood Fires”, Santa Clarita, CA                                                2005-2013

o   Performed services for Hollywood movies and television.

o   Company was featured as an entrepreneur success in 10-4 Magazine 2003.


·        Worked with rock and roll band “Bad Penny”, Santa Clarita, CA.                                             2009-2011

·        Special performance. Sinix Concert Hall, Essex, MD.                                                    2009


·        Injuries from a near-fatal vehicular accident: could not perform as a musician.                 2004- 2009


·        Solo performances for Hollywood studio and production locations.                                            2001- 2011

Lead Guitarist for remake of “Sandman” by Metallica                                           2000

·        Special performances and recording for Bob Kulick (former “Kiss” guitarist).

Accompanying Guitarist and vocalist with guitarist “Michael Harman”      1999

·        Special performances and recording on Hartman’s CD, co producer on CD.

Lead Guitarist and vocalist   - Rock and Roll “Eleanore Academia Band”    1998-1999

·        Special performances and recording on the band’s CD’s, recorded demo CD’s.

Lead Guitarist and vocalist   - Rock and Roll Band   - “Juice 13”                         1996-1997

·        Regular and Special performances in California.

o   “Bike Jam 1997” Paramount Studios.

o   The Roxy theatre, The Living Room, Key Club.

Lead Guitarist, vocalist and songwriter for CD “Flesh Caffeine”                                   1997-1998

·        Writer, author, and performer of solo CD – John Knoll.

Lead Guitarist, National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM)                Dec 1995

·        Billed as “Angeles Dukes”.

·        Was the opening act for rock and roll band “Gov’t Mule” and guitarist Allan Holdsworth

Location: Anaheim, CA.

·        Member of American Federation of Musicians Local 47.                                                           1988-1995



Lead Guitarist, Rock and Roll Band - “Danzig”                                                           1988-1995

·        Stage name was “John Christ”.

·        Over 325 performances around the world. Tours in:

o   US: 38 states and Canada

o   Scotland, England, France, Belgium; Austria, Germany, Holland; Denmark, Italy

o   Brazil, Argentina, Australia, New Zealand and Japan

o   See Appendix 1 for details of tours and recordings. 

·        Opened or co-headed with bands:

o   “Black Sabbath”,“Metallica’,“Godflesh”, “White Zombie”, “Korn”

“Sound Garden” and “Marilyn Manson”


Lead Guitarist, Rock and Roll Band - “Samhain”                                              1987-1988

·       Hired by Mr. Rick Rubin in New York City, left Towson University to start touring.

·       Recorded music for motion picture soundtrack “Less than Zero”.

·       Recorded tracks for Samhain CD, “The Final Descent”.


Guitarist and choir member         , St. Mark’s Church, Catonsville, MD                     1979-1983

·        Played service music and accompanied adult choir.

·        Acting choir director as needed.

Teaching and Other accomplishments:


Private Music Tutor – guitar lessons                                                              1998-present

·        Taught classical, rock and popular styles, advanced students.

·        Trained students in performance, improvisation, and composition.

·        Mentored Mike Hartman in a production “Black Glue” for a non-profit group

o   “Make a Wish” Foundation


Guitar Instructional Book – “Shortcuts in the Practice Zone “                     2015 – present

·        Book is being prepared for publishing. 


Chart positions for Danzig Recordings:

·        Most of the recordings made for Danzig have reached the top 200th position in

both the U.S. and Europe.

·        Sales of “Danzig” reached 500,000 units.

·        Sales of “Thrall Demonsweat Live” reached 500,000 units.


·        Lexicon - Winter NAMM show, CA. Seminar and Instructor.                           July 2000

·        Instructor Florida Guitar Show. Thoroughbred Music’s Kapok Pavilion, FL.     March 1997

·        Ibanez guitars, San Jose CA. Seminar and Instructor.                                        July 1995

·        Ibanez guitars, Thoroughbred Music. FL.Seminar and Instructor.                       July 1994




Audiovisual Media


Knoll, J. (1996) One Song. [Recorded by Guitar World Magazine]. On Guitars That Rule the World, Vol. 2; Smell the Fuzz.. [CD]. Location: New York: Guitar World Magazine.


Knoll, J. (1994) For Christ’s Sake. On Guitar’s Practicing Musicians, Vol III. [CD]. New York: Guitar Recordings, Inc.


Composed music for Motion Pictures/Television Broadcast


Knoll, J. (1995) Music Trailer [Recorded by Warner Brothers]. Heat. [Motion Picture]. Burbank, CA.  Warner Brothers studios.


Knoll, J. (1995) Music trailer[Recorded by Dark Brothers]. On New Wave Hookers 4. [Motion Picture soundtrack]. New York: VCA.


Knoll, J. (1994) Music Trailer [Recorded by ABC for television promos]. On A Place for Annie. [Motion Picture]. New York; ABC studios.


Knoll, J. (1994) Oh Lord Have Mercy [Recorded by Ashley Irwin]. On Stranger By Night. [Motion Picture soundtrack]. New York: New York City Releasing.


Knoll, J. (1993) Music trailer [Recorded by ABC]. May sweeps campaign. [Soundtrack]. Los Angeles: CA Releasing.


Knoll, J. (1991) Music trailer [Recorded by CBS]. Passion. [Motion Picture soundtrack]. New York: New York City Releasing.


Danzig, G. (1987) You and Me (Less Than Zero). [Recorded by Glenn Danzig, Rick Rubin Glenn Danzig & the Power and Fury Orchestra] OnLess Than Zero [Motion Picture soundtrack].  New York: Def Jam.




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·        Gold Album (1994): “Danzig” Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA)  

·        International Billboard top 200 hit – “Mother”; (1993) also debuted at 48 in the U.S.

·        Gold Album (1991): “Danzig” Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA)  

·        John Knoll’s Guitar was displayed at the Hard Rock Café (2001), Baltimore, MD

·        "Top Metal Guitarists". Ultimate Guitar. (2004). Listed as the 63rd best of 100 metal guitar players.


Interviews, Guest Lecturer and Volunteer Work

·        WTTR radio interview. (Feb 2015)

·        The Changing Stage Radio Interview. (Mar 8, 2014)

·       Eldersburg Middle School. Rock and Roll seminar, Eldersburg MD. (June 2014)

·       Santa Clarita Sheriff’s Station (2009-2010): Lectures provided on my life, accident, and recovery to play guitar after rehabilitation. Santa Clarita, CA.

·       Taylor Manor Hospital (1994-1995): Lectures provided on my life and career with “Danzig”, Ellicott City, MD.